Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Crochet a Bra and Free Yourself from the Lingerie Industry

Why buy costly, unhealthy and ill-fitting bras when you can make one yourself in an afternnoon for nearly free?

Here we have Angie wearing just one model of Norma's collection of home made bras for resourceful girls . . .

This simple high support model can be made in an afternoon with just a hook and yarn and a few short strips of ribbon and elastic . . .
The back has been left in its unsewn, preparatory phase in the photo attached in order to illustrate how to tailor the bra to one's particular body shape with strips of elastic . . . the safety pins can be readjusted till the bra fits correctly, at which point the whole thing can be sewn together permanently and excess lengths of elastic cut off.

This same format can be simply modified to create a halterneck bra for evening wear and dresses that expose the back and shoulders.
Indeed the bra itself can be modified into a top by simply crocheting a lace bodice to hang under the bra strap around the ribs

Here is step one of how to make the simple cups . . . this below is what it looks like on the left as it's crocheted, then on the right when you sew the inner sides of the L shape together in order to create a cup . . . the size of the cup can be enlarged or reduced by increasing or decreasing the lengths of the inner L

This one is good for cup B to C . . .

Hook = 3mm . . . cotton yarn on the finer side of medium (eg Capri fine or Catania)

Foundation row: 37 chain stitch . . . do 15 rows of tight stitch (+) . . .(UK double crochet) . . . when working 16th row, turn at 17th stitch and do a further 15 rows of tight stitch (+) for the upper narrower part of the L

Simple V stitch straps are attached to strong wide ribbons for maximum support for shoulder straps and rib band . . . the rib band can be done in just one strip rather than two . . . I inititally did two as I wanted to experiment with a front clasp to the bra.

Use ribbon or any cotton strips to give this bra strong support.  Here I have used two lengths of 34 cm x 4cm ribbon and two lengths of 30cm x 4cm . . . these lengths can be changed according to how much elastic you want to incorporate into the back part of the bra (seen in photo above).  For the crochet straps I did V stitch simply copying the lengths I was going to use of the ribbon as a gauge for the width and length of the crochet straps . . . another stitch can be used of course, including more intricate decorative lacework.

Assembling the bra . . .

Here below you can see the experimental assemblage of bra with front clasp which was rejected as it gave inferior support and comfort compared to the back clasp (for clasp simply re-use an old bra or bikini clasp, I prefer bikini . . .

As you can see in the almost finished version on Angie, a simple lace motif has been added to the upper edges of the bra cup . . . small ribbons sewn inside and along that lacey cup edge will add further support and strength to this bra . . .
Coming soon . . . how to make panties with a hook and yarn in just a couple of hours . . .
Ladies . . . gentleman . . . Norma says liberate yourselves from the underwear industry and free yourselves from slavery to costly, ill fitting and unhealthy lingerie

Coming Soon
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